Corporate Seminars

Would you like to get a communication professional in image, Corporate Identity and fashion for your company? Here we are!

Our main focus is on seminars about Corporate Identity and Corporate Branding. Our seminars are goal oriented for management and employees, lasting for either two or more days.

Knowledge is power – but only if used meaningfully. Therefore, our seminars focus on practical application of the taught concepts. Participants can easily implement their new knowledge and silks and alter them according to their situation.

Extract of few Titles in the recent past:

  • “With Charisma to Success”
  • “Be Authentic – be Conclusive”
  • “Dress for Success”
  • “Business-Outfit as Image Transfer”
  • “Image, Visual Communication and Behavior”
  • “Business-Outfit and Dresscodes”
  • “Personal Branding”
  • “Business Behavior”
  • “My Employee – a Forceful Personality!”
  • “Your Perfomance as Image-Ambassador of your company”
  • “Be successful through better Appearance”

Duration and topics will be arranged depending on the client’s needs and the target group. All Services will be billed either hourly / daily or at a flat rate depending on the content and range of the seminar.

Contact us for your personalized seminar offers – specially designed for your company! …Contact