We design speeches, presentations and keynotes for all kinds of target groups: small or big, domestic or international, an event and an experience offering the potential for personal growth for all participants.

From trendy speeches about current fashion tops, everything about Image & Corporate Identity, to processing and implementing ideas about ‚Personal Branding‘- trust our expertise.

Your audience will be presented with new and interesting facts in an electrifying, short and humorous way. A highlight of your program and many impulses for your audience!

Excerpt of recent titles and subjects:

  • „Fashion Trends“
  • „So you can reach your Goals through Image! “
  • „European Style and Makeup”
  • „Image & Outfit“
  • „Personal Corporate Identity“
  • „Business Outfit as Image Transfer”
  • „The Power of Color”
  • „Visual Merchandising – the Psychology of Color“
  • „Business Etiquette“
  • „Fit4Job“
  • „Mens Styling“
  • „Dresscodes for Companies”
  • „Style for Success”
  • „The Power of visual Communication“

We design speeches based on a briefing with you and alter them for your target group & audience. We are looking forward to every challenge!